Review Policy

For some clarity, here is my general policy re: reviewing books.

Firstly, I’m mostly going to talk about books I enjoy. Unless something was so bad some tea needs spilling, I generally prefer to divert my attentions towards writing I can get excited about and extrapolate on why I’m excited. Everyone has different opinions, no need for me to trash others’.

Second, there is no star rating system here. Goodreads got that on lock.

Third, I am not a professor of literature nor an acclaimed publishing editor, so my reviews will not be full of jargon. I like to inject humour into what I write so my reviews will not be overly serious. Each one is dependent on both the book and my thoughts on it, and if there is no thematic link between each post please forgive me – this is all initial stages.

Fourth, some reviews will be books I have read in the past. I’m a fast reader, but unfortunately I don’t spend all my time reading.

Fifth… lists look better in round numbers. 😂