What I Read in 2021

The end of another year!

There is something both exciting and dreadful about the end of a year, particularly so for the past couple. 2021, on the bright side, was a much more positive experience than the horrific 2020 (which also had good bits, if we’re honest…!).

I also found I had an incredibly busy year — perhaps just compensating for 2020 — but it also meant I did not end up reading a whole lot. Tbh, I’m not very upset by this at all! Although I will definitely keep my reading goal at 50 and try to reach it in 2022!

Here are the books I read this year:

I read 45 books from a goal of 50.

The books I rated 5-stars are:

The Rage of Dragons — Evan Winter

Read my review.

Little Fires Everywhere — Celeste Ng

Read a mini-review.

Legendborn — Tracy Deonn

Read my thoughts on this book.

Piranesi — Susanna Clarke

Read my review.

Born a Crime — Trevor Noah

Read my review of the audiobook.

Empire of Pain — Patrick Radden Keefe

Review upcoming!

According to Goodreads, my average rating for these books, of which there are 45, was 3.5, which checks out. I view 3-stars as ‘average,’ 4 stars as ‘good’ and 5 as ‘excellent.’ Thus, most would be rated 3.5.

I ought to say that I don’t use Goodreads much aside from a personal method of keeping track of my reading at the end of the year. It’s also helpful on this blog for blog lists. I’m going to hopefully expand to other book-tracking sites next year instead!

Currently, I’m reading The Ones We’re Meant to Find in ebook, listening to The Four Winds and reading Disability Visibility in paperback. I have a bad habit of reading multiple books across devices and formats, which means my reading takes longer. It also means I don’t know whether I ought to count these books in my reading this or last year!

One reading habit I hope to get rid of ahead of 2022 is half-finishing books. Or rather, reading all the way until the penultimate chapter and then forgetting all about it until I’m going to review the book!

What books have you read this year and what were your favourites?


  1. I loved Little Fires Everywhere and Born A Crime, too! I’m actually dying for Celeste Ng to come out with a new book, because the world just needs more of her wonderful writing and characters 🥰

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your reading goals, and happy 2022!

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