Goodreads Choice Winners – Have I Read Them?

Last year, I wrote a short post reflecting on why, if the Goodreads Choice Awards are the most reader-influenced book awards there are, I hadn’t read any of the books. I thought it was interesting to compare my reading against this, particularly as a new book blogger. The majority of the books that win GCAs are chosen for their popularity and reach, i.e. you would choose a book to win if you had read it, right? And you would have read it if you had been recommended it, etc.

That’s not to say they aren’t good – I doubt any book can win if it isn’t good! – but rather that it makes a difference when literally any book can win. This is, however, overwhelmingly a positive, in my opinion. It’s also a big difference when the reader can vote on what wins (not that I ever remember to!). AND it provides me with a good barometer of how I’m keeping up in the blogging world!

Considering last year I read zero of the winners, this year I’m already beating my target 😂

Anyway, here are this year’s winners that I actually read.

Winner for Best Fiction: Beautiful World, Where Are You

I’m going to post a review on this book soon but, I’m not surprised it won, considering how enjoyable people find Sally Rooney’s writing.

Winner for Graphic Novel & Comic: Lore Olympus – Rachel Smythe

I keep counting this as a book I’ve read when I’ve never actually picked up the book. Nvm. I am surprised it beat out other books on the list such as V. E. Schwab’s graphic-novel exclusive addition to the Villains verse or another Avatar volume!

Winner for History & Biography: Empire of Pain – Patrick Radden Keefe

I’m guessing this is quite a US-centric voting demographic; however, I do think this book is very universally important to read. I mean, I’m only halfway through atm, but it’s both eye-opening and horrific. Again, unsurprised it won.

A grand total of 3/16…

I read a lot more books this year that were actually published this year, rather than eternally playing catch-up with my reading list, and I did enjoy it. Maybe next year I’ll actually vote in these things.

Did you read many books from this year’s winner’s list? Which ones?


  1. The only book I read from the Goodreads nominations was The Whispering Dead. I was very glad to see that book did not win. It’s an incredibly offensive book that makes a joke out of all the thousands of people who have died in the opioid epidemic. It was ignorant and harmful and I don’t think I’ll read something by Darcy Coates again.

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  2. It was really interesting to see your opinions on these, Rabeeah! I’ve also only read three of the winners this year – Project Hail Mary (which I’m absolutely obsessed with and which definitely deserves that sci-fi win if you ask me 🥰) and A Court of Silver Flames and Rule of Wolves, which won the adult and YA fantasy categories and were, in my opinion, absolutely awful 😅
    Still, it’s interesting to see how popularity influences these awards, and I guess it’s nice that there are bookish awards out there where you as a reader can take direct influence!

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  3. I read three of the winners as well, although when it came to nominees in specific genres, I had read the vast majority of some categories!

    Considering I mostly stick to 3 or 4 specific genres that I read, I’m not surprised that I’ve only read 3 of the winners, and in fact, I’m proud that I’ve read so many!

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