Thoughts on a Year of Blogging

About this time last year, I first started posting on this blog. I had been planning to start a book blog for a very long time, and after enjoying so many others, reading their thoughts on the latest book releases and delving into endless TBR lists, I finally did it.

It was a strange year to start blogging. I both read more than I usually would, and felt almost pressured to be reading all the time, because if I wasn’t reading, what would I blog about?! There were moments when I had lots of time to do nothing but blog, then I didn’t have any idea on what to post. Or, I would read a great book, but would be unable to find the words for a review.

These are, I think, all totally natural things to go through when you start something new! I’ve definitely learned from mistakes made along the way. I’ve learned how to be more consistent. I’ve learned that this is my blog after all, so I can do whatever I want. 😎

Through this year, I posted twenty (20!) review posts, which included even more books than that, as well as mini-reviews and list posts scattered throughout.

I’m definitely still figuring out the best formula for my reviews, but I like the structure I have. I have also learned how to be a little more concise when I’m gushing about all the parts of a book I enjoyed! I did wonder if my reviews were too long, but personally, I enjoy reviews that delve into a few different aspects of a book. What I seem to favour focusing on is character and then worldbuilding and overall reading satisfaction.

Going forward, I plan to start talking a bit more about context and comparisons. Let’s see if I can do this without going on for days!

The thing I have 100% enjoyed the most from this year are readers and other bloggers. Even just chatting with you in the comments about unrelated things, it’s so fun! I’m also endlessly inspired by and in awe of all the clever, creative and prolific people writing about books they enjoyed and planning to read books they rave about. My TBR has absolutely tripled since starting this blog if only because everyone speaks so passionately about their faves, and I’m not mad about that at all.

Going forward? I’ve left myself a bit of breathing room in regards to challenges for the blog this year. My goals for this blog include 1) continuing to interact with and read more blogs. Please leave a comment if you’ve got a book blog, I’d love to read more! 2) to tidy up my blog a bit. I’m still figuring out my aesthetic a little, so I’d like to streamline it all into a nice, cohesive design. And 3) post more reviews! I read so many books I never review because it’s ‘not the right time’ or I’m waiting to finish a second book first or the book is backlisted and so the review is of no concern anymore. In retrospect, these all just sound like silly excuses. I’m going to review more!

I’ve really enjoyed the experience of the blog this year and I’m so glad I started it. Here’s to another fun year of reading!

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