Revisiting My Old Reading Goals

Something I have discovered about myself is that I love a reading challenge. It makes me more focused when I have a schedule of books to read and a nice list to cross out items on. I think it has certainly made me more productive in regards to my reading.

Plus there are so many books I read in a challenge that I wouldn’t necessarily pick up myself, and I think widening the genre of books you read is so important. (And fun.)

So I set myself a lot of challenges this year. But I didn’t complete all of them.

Yes, I did the Reading Women Challenge.

I discovered the joy of romance books.

I rekindled my love for sci-fi by reading all six Hugo Best Novel shortlisters.

But there are also quite a few — mostly impromptu reading goals I set myself — that I wasn’t able to complete. What I intend to do this year is actually read these books instead of making new, endless lists about books I want to read.

As much as I love to read debuts and new releases, I definitely think there is much enjoyment to be had from older, backlisted titles or classics or even nonfiction, which I love and read far too little of. One of my goals for this blog was to expand my own reading because of it, and that’s what I hope to do this year! 🙌🏽

The below list includes all of the reading goals and challenges I set myself — in regards to fiction. I definitely want to continue reading more non-fiction this year, but I do read that a lot slower than fiction books.

The Jane Austen Read

The next book I planned to read was Mansfield Park, so I’m going to start with that and then enjoy the rest.

Reading Romance II

There are a couple of romance books that I didn’t get to read last year, largely because they were 2020 releases. To continue enjoying this genre, I’m going to start with these two.

Fantasy Sequels

To think of how much I go on about fantasy books, you’d think I would read new releases straight away. Apparently not! All four of these books are sequels I was awaiting eagerly, but I never got around to reading them!

Hauling eBooks

I talked a lot about how great digital books are, and then proceeded to buy… a lot. This is the one completion goal that’s really going to haunt me, probably because it’s so easy to buy ebooks and audiobooks. On the other hand, I did actually read quite a few not listed here!

Autumn/Winter 2020 Releases

There were quite a few books released towards the end of last year that I put on my TBR and planned to read, so I think I’d like to read them before looking ahead to more. This is a nice miscellaneous section. 🤗

So there we are! All of the books I never got around to reading last year. There are… far more than I was expecting if I’m honest, and I feel like there are others lingering on the edges of offhand TBRs that I haven’t discovered.

Challenging myself to read them will definitely motivate me, but I also think a nice chill approach to this gives me lots of time to appreciate all of the very exciting new releases happening in 2021 simultaneously.

Do you have books you planned to read last year and never did? Are you going to read them now?

I think focusing on delving into the depths of our TBRs is definitely a good thing to do now and again!

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