The Books I Read in 2020

Despite everything, I’ve had quite an enjoyable year of reading. I feel like I have read more this year than I have in a long time, and every moment of it has been enjoyable. I’ve discovered more genres, taken part in challenges, and read a whole lot of ebooks.

But what did I actually read?

According to Goodreads (which, typically, I update on the final day of the year), I read 66 books. This means I finally achieved my 50-book goal, but also surpassed it. I’m pretty proud of myself! I know lots of people read a hundred books and plus (to which I say, how), but I honestly think even one book a month is an impressive thing to achieve.

I also read over 25k pages. That seems like a lot, actually.

These are all the books I read:

Favourites probably include Gilead, Persuasion, If I Had Your Face, The Bear and the Nightingale, Gideon the Ninth… okay I’m going to stop listing favourites. I enjoyed a lot of books this year!

How has your reading been this year?

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