Paperbacks I Purchased This Year

Despite bookshops and libraries playing a largely minor role in our lives this year, I have somehow managed to buy a bunch of books anyway! As much as I like to expound on the benefits of ebooks, I am of course still very much a fan of the paperback (and hardbacks, but paperbacks are just nice yk!).

I thought I would share a few of the books I purchased this year, and maybe why. This is just an excuse for a photo post really, isn’t it?

The Little Friend – Donna Tartt

No reason but the fact that this is a book I want to read it and the Bloomsbury Modern Classics are very nice editions of books!

It’s Not About the Burqa – Mariam Khan

A good book! I like small essay collections like this, they are very readable.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold – Toshikazu Kawaguchi

I think I saw this in a bookshop back in February (!!) and bought it pretty quick. I didn’t actually read it until relatively recently, but it’s a great book, and I want to get my hands on its sequel, actually!

And the books in that stack include:

Azadi – Arundhati Roy

A great nonfiction collection of speeches and essays by Arundhati Roy, primarily about freedom (the meaning of the title), and Indian society.

Record of a Spaceborn Few – Becky Chambers

I haven’t read this yet, but as it’s the penultimate book in the space-opera quartet by this author (which finishes next year!), I’m finally going to get around to it next year!

Natives – Akala

I’ve wanted to buy this for ages and finally got around to it when I saw it on offer this year. As the subtitle suggests, its a study on race and class in Britain. Also part biography.

Sweet Sorrow – David Nicholls

I’m reading this atm, as part of my drive to read more romance books. Hope to post a review soon. This I also bought because it was half price as I was wasting time at a train station bookstore. That explains a lot about my book purchasing habits, actually.

I’m preeeeetty sure there are a few more than this. Some purchased for my Reading Women Challenge and etc. Not knowing what they are is uh, not a great look for the process of buying a book and then like, actually reading it. But hey! It’s fun!

Plus, IMO, paperbacks specifically are all about impulse buys or finally getting that book you wanted for ages but hardback was too costly, or you have all the others in paperback and so you need to complete the series. It’s not always about the reading…right??

What books have you bought this year?

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