Books I Will Only Read in Book-Form

How can you read a book that is not in book form, you may ask?

I am talking here about physical vs eBooks. As lockdown has stretched on, my access to physical books has dwindled, especially as I prefer to either purchase them in-person or visit the good old library. And this has got me thinking about a weird quirk I’ve always had – some books I will absolutely not read as an eBook.

Do any of you share this habit? It’s a little weird, I know, considering you get… the exact same thing…

But I have some parameters:

If a book is very long – over 500 pages – I need it in a physical book.

I think this is because my attention span for such a long book will become easily distracted by all of the other things on my phone/tablet/kindle when reading an eBook, so I need it in my hands! I also just like massive books and it feels far more satisfying to read something so long when I can see the evidence of it!

This is why I haven’t yet read The Priory of the Orange Tree or The Stormlight Archive!

Or if it’s a book I’ve been anticipating.

If I have been waiting for a book for a long time, I need it in a physical book. I think probably just because the excitement isn’t the same if I’m not holding it! Also, you can’t enjoy great cover design the same if it’s not an eBook, yk?

For example, I had to hang around on a reserves list when I wanted to read The Dragon Emperor.

If the book is part of a series and I have physical copies of it all.

You know some book series you just collect? Yeah, I can’t randomly go and read an eBook if that’s the case! This is why I haven’t read False Value yet – I haven’t got around to purchasing it!

If it’s non-fiction.

This is again, I think, because distractions. I find it very difficult to atually finish a non-fiction book as an eBook. I think this is becaues a lot of the time a novel is a slice of time that’s outside life, and if it’s non-fiction it feels more like I’m reading the news or something, no matter how engaging the topic is. If I’m actually holding the book, however, I’m reminded I’m reading the book. This… is probably the strangest out of this whole list but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m not sure where this came from but I’ve been yearning to visit an actual bookstore recently, even though I likely won’t as it is very much not a necessary outing. Please tell me about your book quirks!


  1. I have the opposite problem with the long books!! I read priory much quicker than I thought I would because I was reading it digitally. It didnt really feel like an 800 page book. With larger books I usually turn off tracking so it doesn’t bother me how long it takes to make a dent. Also long books are too heavy for me to carry evrywhere lol

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    • Maybe that says something good about Priory then haha! Tbh I get why it would be easier to read long books digitally but it doesn’t work for me 🤔
      Carrying heavy books around!! A true pain! I never do but that’s only bc I read loads of books at once lol

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      • Oh I totally get that!! I can never carry around heavy books, my back would kill me. I usually carry around my lightest read

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      • The back breaking nature of long books is probably why ebooks were invented 😂 The suffering we go through when we’re obsessed with a book!


  2. I am exactly the same! It is nice to find somebody with the same quirks. I also will only read physical books if they are by one of my favourite authors. I tend to only read ebooks for reading a new author and NetGalley.

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    • Oh good to know my reading habits aren’t completely odd haha! I’ll be honest though I do read A LOT of ebooks – these days especially! – but sometimes it just doesn’t have the same feeling lol

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