Is it harder to read now?

There’s a curious phenomenon when you have too much time: you don’t know what to do with it.

Now I want to preface this by saying I’m extremely grateful for even having the time I thought I could fill with reading – usually I dream about holidays like these! But to have nothing to do is not to be divorced from the reason you have nothing to do. And it’s a curious one.

I have a pile of books beside my bed. Books I’ve read, books I can no longer return to closed libraries, books I read half of then forgot about. Also: books I desperately want to read.

Every morning or evening or when the time is dragging by in the afternoon, I’ll look at that pile of books and think: why am I not reading them?

Here’s what I think: reading is not a passive activity. You can’t just let it autoplay while you eat dinner or whatever; you have to actively make yourself read. To someone who will read anything, like back-of-the-cereral-box anything, not wanting to, because it’s too difficult, is weird.

Not wanting to when I have nothing else to do is just strange.

I keep telling myself I should read… is that why I’m not?

There’s a bunch of things that help get around this, of course:

  • Comfort reads
  • Browsing kindle sales and picking up 99p eBooks: low-risk and a chance to delve into something new at the same time
  • Audiobooks! Who knew! (I’m new to them)
  • Reading challenges – I’ve got the Reading Women challenge going atm
  • Book clubs? I think it’d be fun to do a Quarantine Reads challenge/club for long books – leave a comment if you’re interested in joining!

Anyone else having trouble reading? What are you doing to solve it? Is it even a problem that needs solving? Appropriate shrug emoji –> 🤷

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