Taking the Leap

After one month of being a book blogger, where am I at?

If you couldn’t care less about someone else’s introspection, please gladly skip this post. But if you’d like to know more about the first month of my blogging journey please (also gladly), read on. Sorry about the title, I couldn’t resist…

I know many bloggers who do monthly round ups of what they’ve read. This isn’t that. If you’d like to know every book I read (or rather, binged, as I did A Lot of that this February, go check out my Goodreads*). Here, I’m trying to make sense of how my first month actively being a book blogger has gone.

So how has it gone?

High: I actually posted two reviews – arguably the entire point of this site. I’ve got my review structure down to a ‘t’ although I’m thinking I’m a little too wordy. Am I? Let me know, if so**.

Low: my gosh my timing!*** I think I went a whole week with just one post, and that was probably on a Sunday afternoon too. Inspiration, what can I say? It strikes when it chooses.

One of the best things about actively posting has been the ability to engage with the community. From reading lists of Top Ten Tuesdays to reviews of books I’ve never heard of, there is so much more to this than just doing book reports!

Going forward – I’m going to try and get involved with more memes and tags and challenges. Not only is it strangely fun to mine the depths of my reading logs to find appropriate titles, half the fun is being able to read everyone else’s lists. It’s equal parts inspiration for my TBR, and learning who else is an active blogger.
I am also going to try and write more feature posts. My first proper post was me waxing overly lyrical about how good rereading is, and I do like book-related posts that aren’t fully reviews, despite the latter being much better appreciated by readers!

Speaking of readers – shout out to the people that followed this blog. Feel free to tell me what you liked and/or would like to see more of. Also to the people who liked my posts. It’s a surprising notification to get but incredibly beloved all the same.

Shout out to the excellent books I read this month too tbh. Condolences for everything still languishing on the TBR. Book blogging has made my list at least three times larger and I’m not mad about it.

*= ah, Goodreads. Hopefully that link will be up-to-date by the time you click on it, but even so, I have been so frequently infrequent about posting there since joining that I’m half wondering why I even mentioned it. Sorry!

**= the irony!

***= alas, more irony.

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