Rabeeah Reads – a welcome

To readers new and not yet arrived, welcome to a place for R&R. Inspired by a never-ending book list and prompted by an urge to talk ceaselessly about my favourite things, here is a blog dedicated to just that.

On this site, I will be writing reviews, lists, and paragraphs that have far too few full-stops, about books I have read and enjoyed. Hopefully we’ll delve into all kinds of genres, but know that I am particularly a fan of contemporary/literary fiction and fantasy.

(Actually I also read lots of poetry books but I am as of yet I am far too uneloquent to try and review those so we’ll stick to fiction for now).

Are you also a book blogger? IF so, I’d love to chat, please get in touch!

I am also in the works of starting a book club for all of us lovers of fantasy fiction. Book clubs exist plentifully and comprehensively across both internet and irl, but I have often found that they are too saturated with works in the literary canon, or non-fiction or essay collections. And while there is nothing wrong with all of that (educating yourself through reading? Dream!), sometimes you just want to chat about lower, more nonexistent kind of stakes you know? Besides, I am sure many of us have come up against a certain snobbery that exists against fantasy fiction, as though writers creating characters and world with whole different sets of rules are not giving us immediate and relevant parallels to real life.

So here’s to seeing books 2020. (I could. not. resist).

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